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Strategic Communications. Consulting + Advisory.

PNTR Group is a strategic communications and advisory firm, with specialist consultants working across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. PNTR’s industry expertise covers corporate, banking & finance, technology, electronics manufacturing, banking and finance, VCs and institutional investors, telecommunications, automotive, industrial, energy, aviation, FMCG, and sustainability.

PNTR’s stable of clients include multinational companies, national champions, NGOs and all levels of government, helping them protect, promote, and evolve their brand.

Solving Corporate Reputation + Business Challenges.

The world’s leading brands choose PNTR Group to be their strategic communications advisor because of our proven ability to take on the most difficult problems and deliver results – executing at the local level while giving requisite attention to regional and global requirements.  

Our team of experts provide best-practice communications, digital, public affairs, and crisis management services, making use of our tried and tested methods, also leveraging our strong relationships with media, KOLs, business associations, NGOs, and government. 

Corporate Social Responsibility - PNTR 4 Good.

At PNTR, we believe in giving back to the local communities by running and supporting local social projects.  Our goal is to help cause-focused businesses and non-profits succeed by giving them access to our team, resources and partners.  We also work on joint-CSR programmes with our clients – ranging from strategic communications tasks, to “rolling up our sleeves” and giving on-the-ground support.

What PNTR Does Best

Strategy + Transformation:  With dynamic market conditions, complex stakeholder expectations, and government and policy changes impacting the world in unprecedented ways, strategic transformation is required for businesses to stay relevent and achieve ongoing success. 

Senior Level Advisory:  PNTR works alongside our client’s CEO and senior leadership team, providing strategic advice and support based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s businesses needs, challenges and crisis scenarios. 

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